Top of Our Favorite Outdoor Clothing Brands

The secret to traveling light, efficiently, and comfortably is to invest in a few high-quality, versatile outdoor clothing brands.

Less is more when it comes to travel! The best outdoor clothing brands will last you for years, for life on the road, on the trails, and even at home.

I’ll review my favorite outdoor clothing brands and pieces below, but just to give you a bit of inspiration and dutiful advice: do NOT skimp out on hiking shoes, merino wool socks, or a reliable down jacket. If you spend a lot of time in the rain or mountains, then a quality shell is just as important.

By investing in durable, quality outdoor clothing, and often include excellent warranties. is a worthy purchase for life on the road and the outdoor clothing brands for travel and mountain climbing

Out here, reliable outdoor clothing is essential for survival!

Technical outdoor clothing brands are generally pricey, but absolutely essential for extreme sports, such as alpine climbing pictured above, but even if you don’t plan to climb a mountain anytime soon, outdoor gear is equally imperative for adventure travel.

The last thing you want to deal with is a leaky rain jacket while trekking Nepal, or blistering feet on a sunrise hike in Bali. Even urban travel can call for a couple of outdoor clothing pieces, like a versatile and warm jacket and pants that work in every activity.

Because technical brands are finally fashionable, there’s no need to invest in a ton of clothing and gear, just those few cornerstone pieces. (I mean, walk down the streets of SF, and you’ll count more Patagonia down vests than suits and ties.)

So, whether you plan to go backpacking in Central America, brace the winds of Patagonia, take on the brutal climates of Africa, party your way through South East Asia, or go trekking throughout the US, my favorite outdoor clothing brands will have your back (on your back ;).

Quality gear just costs money, but it’s well worth investing in the best outdoor clothing brands!

Why should you trust my review? Because I remember the first time I bought $15 socks and an expensive winter jacket. To say I was STICKER SHOCKed is an underestimate, but after spending a lot of time camping and climbing outdoors, and traveling to over 30 countries, I am fully converted to the value of durable and high-quality outdoor clothing.

Finally, I know that shopping for outdoor gear can be daunting because of the number of options and prices. Anyone who has spent 3 hours in REI understands. After years of trial-and-error, I’m proud to present my in-depth guide chalked full of my favorite outdoor clothing brands.

There are only 10 pieces I pack every time, and I’ve listed my favorite outdoor clothing brands to help get you started.

Top Outdoor Clothing Brands

I’ve broken down my favorite outdoor clothing brands into sections. First, I cover my two go-to’s for base layers. Next up are my most recommended brands for layering – think your outerwear, winter jackets, down vests, and rain shells.

Next, I cover the best outdoor clothing brands for the easiest going day to day travel. These brands are great for hikes, urban travel, and active movement, like climbing, running, and yoga.

Finally, I give you a couple of options for the more conscious spender. None of the clothing brands on this list are “cheap” because you’re going to have to invest a bit to get quality, technical gear. That said, all of these brands are worthy of being on this list.

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